The Latin American Commission on Drugs and Democracy is an initiative born of ex-presidents Cesar Gaviria, from Colombia; Ernesto Zedillo, from Mexico and Fernando Henrique Cardoso, from Brazil.

Eighteen eminent members from different countries in the region compose the Commission. Its objective is to evaluate the effectiveness and impact of current drug policy and to contribute towards more efficient, safe and humane policies.

The drug issue in Latin America is a growing concern, and policies of confrontation have been inefficient. In Latin America, violence and corruption associated to drug trafficking and inefficient drug policies are corroding its civic culture and democratic institutions.

The Commission intends to start wide-ranging debates about the issue, hearing specialists, analyzing alternatives and formulating suggestions.

Our proposals will be presented to public opinion and to our countries’ governments. We also want to make Latin America’s voice heard in the global debate concerning a transnational issue that affects us all.

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